Alpha Psi Rho

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Alpha Psi Rho
Founded March 1, 2000
San Diego State University
Type Social
Emphasis Asian-Pacific Islander
Motto Be Bold and Strong ΒΒΑΣ
Colors Navy Blue and Gold
Symbol Doberman
Philanthropy At Risk Youth
Chartered San Diego
Chapters 4
Members 60+ collegiate
300+ lifetime
Nickname APsiRho, Rho Doggs
Headquarters 5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA

Alpha Psi Rho (ΑΨΡ, also known as APsiRho ) is an Asian/Pacific Islander-interest fraternity, and a non-profit community organization founded at San Diego State University, and has since expanded across the southwest region of the United States of America. Founded in 2000 as a group for Asian & Pacific-Islander college students to establish an identity on university campuses, Alpha Psi Rho continues to grow in impact and diversity while significantly contributing to surrounding communities and building high-caliber individuals.[1]



In 2000, the ten founding fathers founded Alpha Psi Rho at San Diego State University. The Founding Fathers of this Brotherhood grew up in the 1990s, an era when Asian and Pacific Islander-Americans were struggling to find their identities in the United States. Some found prosperity in gangs. Others pursued higher education to understand themselves culturally and become capable gentlemen in this country.

The Founding Fathers enrolled at San Diego State University and became involved in cultural organizations. However, they wanted to be around people who have similar interests, lived a similar lifestyle, and hungered to make greater impacts in the community—a sense of involvement that never existed.[3]

In 2000, the Ten Founding Fathers founded Alpha Psi Rho at San Diego State University.Alpha Psi Rho was forged upon four simple yet iron principles: Brotherhood, Academics, Prosperity and Strength, which provide for an unyielding foundation yet limitless potential. This Lifestyle continues today and has become the essence of being a Gentleman of Alpha Psi Rho.

The Pillars[edit]

Alpha Psi Rho is a social fraternity founded on these four ideals.


  • It is the strongest bond that unites the brothers of this fraternity.


  • The ultimate goal of its members is to graduate from the university with a degree.


  • To be successful in all aspects of life: academically, mentally, and socially.


  • To be able to overcome all challenges, both physical and mental.

Alpha Psi Rho, today[edit]

Alpha Psi Rho is very involved in its communities: the cultural community, the community in which it lives in, and the Greek community.[4] Alpha Psi Rho is involved yearly in cultural festivals, activist marches, and fundraiser walks. Day-to-day, members participate with supporting community youth organizations, other collegiate organizations, and organizing community events.

Alpha Psi Rho's official national philanthropy is raising awareness for diabetes and diabetes research. Alpha Psi Rho also participates in the annual Gay Pride festival illustrating their commitment to serving the community. [5] Its chapters actively and strongly support the American Diabetes Association.Besides diabetes, local chapters may also fight against other diseases such as AIDS and MS by participating in local fundraiser walks.[6]


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