Alpha and Omega (radio plays)

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Not to be confused with the DEC Alpha processor

Alpha and Omega are two radio plays written by Mike Walker, first broadcast on the BBC World Service in 2001 and 2002 respectively, and later on BBC Radio 4 and BBC 7. Both plays star David Calder as the lead actor.

Alpha won the Drama Award for the World Service in the 2001 Sony Radio Awards.

Omega did even better, winning two Worldplay awards in 2002.[1]

Alpha examines issues of artificial intelligence from the viewpoint of established Christian teaching on the soul and human existence in the world. The main character in Alpha is a priest employed by the Vatican as a sort of troubleshooter.

Omega, focuses on belief in God and in miracles, contrasting these issues with the central character's belief in structure and reality. The central character of Omega is a civil engineer whose daughter has miraculously survived a car crash.[1]


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