Alphege of Wells

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Alphege of Wells
Bishop of Wells
Term endedc. 937
SuccessorWulfhelm II
ConsecrationJanuary 926
Personal details
Diedc. 937

Alphege (or Ælfheah) was the third Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Wells. He was consecrated in January 926, and died around 937.[1][2]

At the start of the reign of King Æthelstan in 924, Alphege was a member of his household, one of his mass priests, who were probably responsible for looking after his relics. Early in Æthelstan's reign, Alphege witnessed his manumission of a slave called Ealdred, and he also attested a charter on the day of Æthelstan's coronation, 4 September 925. He was appointed Bishop of Wells in succession to Wulfhelm, who had been translated to the Archbishopric of Canterbury.[3]


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Wells
926–c. 937
Succeeded by
Wulfhelm II