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Alpina Company was founded in 1948 after several private shoemaking workshops with long tradition joined together in the town of Žiri, Slovenia.

Today, Alpina operates as a joint stock company. Approximately thousand employees produce over 1.7 million pairs of shoes and boots each year. The greater part of production is sold abroad under their own brand name.

Alpina is the leading producer of cross-country boots, with a 30 percent world market share and provides for several cross-country and biathlon national teams (Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Canada). In the field of competitive and recreational cross-country boots, Alpina scientists have improved existing models and developed new ones in accordance with the latest trends in fashion and technology.

At Alpina, more than half a century of experience is coupled with the very latest developments in technology. New skiing techniques demand precise support from ski equipment. Alpina sells approximately 2 percent of the world's downhill ski boots. Most of our downhill boots are exported to countries where skiing is extremely popular, including the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland.

Alpina also expands its network of retail stores, mostly in the South East Europe.

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