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Alpine Pearls is a cooperation which has been established in 2006 and formed of 25 tourism municipalities in six alpine countries. The tourism association’s objective is to support and promote Soft Mobility: that is offering the possibility for guests to arrive without a car at the holiday destination and to have easy access to public transportation on site as well as numerous offers of environmentally friendly holiday programmes. The cooperation’s members fulfill strict quality criteria like town centers with reduced traffic, transfer services, environmentally friendly leisure time facilities, the guarantee of mobility without car and ecological minimum standards. The individual member municipalities (referred to as Pearls) benefit from the exchange of experiences among each other.

Development of Alpine Pearls[edit]

Alpine Pearls is the result of two successive EU projects (Alps Mobility and Alps Mobility II – Alpine Pearls). The emphasis was put on creating innovative, sustainable tourism offers which combine tourist sights with Soft Mobility advantages; connecting the sights with ecological transportation. The achievements are used further and put into practice by the head organization Alpine Pearls which operates in the entire Alps.

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