Alpine snowboarding

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An Alpine snowboarder executes a heel-side turn

Alpine snowboarding is a discipline within the sport of snowboarding.[1] It is practised on groomed pistes. It has been an Olympic event since 1998.


Alpine snowboarding shares more visual similarities with skiing equipment than it does with snowboarding equipment.[2] Compared to freestyle snowboarding gear:[3]

  • boards are narrower, longer, and stiffer to improve carving performance
  • boots are made from a hard plastic shell
  • bindings have a bail or step-in design and are sometimes placed on suspension plates to provide a layer of isolation between an alpine snowboarder and the board

See also[edit]

  • Chris Klug - The only person to win an Olympic medal after receiving an organ transplantation.
  • Karine Ruby - Two time Olympic medallist (Gold in the Giant Slalom in 1998 and silver in the PGS in 2002).


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