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Editor Michael Kennedy
Frequency Quarterly
First issue  2002 (2002-month)
Company Height of Land Publications
Country United States
Based in Jeffersonville, Vermont
Language English
ISSN 1540-725X

Alpinist is a quarterly American magazine focused on mountaineering ascents worldwide.

History and profile[edit]

Alpinist was originally published out of Jackson, Wyoming and was founded in 2002. With resurrection in 2009, the magazine is now based in Jeffersonville, Vermont.

Alpinist won the Maggie Award for Best Overall Design/Consumer Category from the Western Publication Association (WPA) for Alpinist's Autumn issue (Issue 8) in 2005 and the Maggie Award for the Best Quarterly/Consumer Division in April 2004 for its Winter 2003–2004 issue (Issue 5). The magazine focuses on 'fast and light' ascents and advocates a rigorous clean-climbing style (not leaving gear behind).

On October 16, 2008 the magazine announced that it was closing operations due to financial problems. [1][2] The magazine was re-launched on April 15, 2009 with Michael Kennedy as the new Editor-in-Chief by Height of Land Publications, home of Telemark Skier and Backcountry magazines.[3]

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