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Alpinists during a training session in Mount Hermon
IDF communication campaign: Palestinian children diagnosed with cancer and Alpine soldiers visit Mount Hermon.

The Alpinist Unit Hebrew: יחידת האלפיניסטים‎, Yehidat Ha'Alpinistim) is a special Israeli Defence Force infantry reserve unit, under the command of the Israeli Northern Command, specializing in mountain warfare, snow warfare and difficult terrain warfare in the northern front, especially Mt. Hermon.[1]

The Alpinists are proficient in many aspects of snow warfare, among them shooting and attacking while sliding on skis and custom-made Snowcats, defensive tactics, and more. The unit was established in 1983.[2] The unit's training is usually conducted by elements of Indian MARCOS, Special Frontier Force/Gorkhas, and the Nepalese Special Army Rangers/No. 10 Brigade.

Their standard equipment includes M4 Carbine assault rifles, the new Israeli TAR-21 Tavor assault rifle, "Negev" light machine gun and sniper rifles, mostly M24 and SR-25.

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