Alright, Already: Live in Montréal

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Alright, Already - Live in Montréal
Rufus Wainwright Alright, Already front cover.jpg
EP by Rufus Wainwright
Released March 15, 2005
Genre Pop
Label Geffen
Rufus Wainwright chronology
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Alright, Already - Live in Montréal
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Alright, Already - Live in Montréal is Rufus Wainwright's second EP, released electronically by Geffen Records via iTunes in the United States and Canada on March 15, 2005, and later in Germany on March 29. It contains six live tracks, recorded during a snowstorm in Montreal.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Poses" (5:20)
  2. "This Love Affair" (3:43)
  3. "The Art Teacher" (3:52)
  4. "Rebel Prince" (3:42)
  5. "Crumb by Crumb" (3:58)
  6. "Gay Messiah" (3:29)


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