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Alstom Metropolis in São Paulo Metro Line 5
Alstom Metropolis in Nanjing, China
M5 materiel (Alstom Metropolis) in Amsterdam

Alstom Metropolis is a metro trainset by Alstom. The trains are in service in 22 major cities around the world, representing more than 3000 cars, including Singapore, Shanghai, Budapest, Warsaw, Nanjing, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Lima, Santiago, Chile, Barcelona, Istanbul, Santo Domingo, Chennai and Kochi. Amsterdam ordered 23 Metropolis trains; the first one came into operation June 2013. Xiamen also ordered some Metropolis trainsets for the Xiamen Metro. Trains can be run in configurations of 2 to 10 cars using manned or unmanned operations.

Some New York City Subway cars use technology from the Metropolis family, such as the Alstom ONIX traction motors in the R142 and R160A/B, but are not classified as Metropolis trainsets.

Design features[edit]

Alstom Metropolis trainsets can be custom ordered with closed-circuit television (CCTV), wider seats, additional grabpoles, more space near the doors, wheelchair space and equipped with electronic displays (six in each car), showing station information, safety messages and videos, commercials and movie trailers. Glass used for the windows on the cars are produced by Sekurit Saint-Gobain and is called 'Climavit'. It is claimed to reduce noise level in the cars by 5 decibels.[citation needed] It is also double-glazed to provide comfort for passengers in the cars. Glass used on the doors of the cars are produced by Starglass.

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