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A view of Altınpark (1997)
A view of Altınpark (1997)
Location Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey
Coordinates 39°35′N 32°32′E / 39.58°N 32.53°E / 39.58; 32.53Coordinates: 39°35′N 32°32′E / 39.58°N 32.53°E / 39.58; 32.53
Area 64 ha (160 acres)
Created 1985; 32 years ago (1985)
Website ANFA, the management

Altınpark (literally Golden Park) is a public park in Ankara, Turkey


Altınpark is in Altındağ district of Ankara, situated on the way connecting Ankara to Ankara airport. The park area is 64 ha (160 acres)


Up to 1977, the park area was a golf course. In 1985, it was transformed into a public park by the metropolitan municipality of Ankara.

The park today[edit]

The park is now operated by ANFA, a subsidiary of Ankara metropolitan municipality. 211,160 m2 (252,550 sq yd) area is reserved for the green area and 9,302 m2 (11,125 sq yd) is reserved for the flower beds where flowers and seedlings are put up for sale. The artificial pond is 32,700 m2 (39,100 sq yd).[1] Among the buildings, Feza Gürsey Science Center is one of the best known building. Olympic swimming pool, kindergarten and summer schools, musical and lightened water exhibitions, game and entertainment areas, amphitheatres, crashing boats, electrical excursion cars, mini excursion train, and horse carts are among the other activities. There are also kiosks and restaurants within the park.



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