Alt Variety

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Alt Variety
Editor Lee Wong (alias)
Categories Underground magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Alt Variety
Year founded 2012
First issue April 1, 2013 (2013-04-01)
Final issue July 2013
Company Alt Variety LLC
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English

Alt Variety was a New York City-based monthly publication dealing with alternative and subversive themes that launched online in February 2012 and closed in July 2013. Its founder was Luke Walker, who ran the magazine under the pseudonym Lee Wong.[1][2] The magazine was inspired by early internet Usenet groups,[2] which were obscure and largely unregulated newsgroups masked by arcane prefixes (e.g. alt.) used in place of World Wide Web prefix (www). The alt. prefixed Usenets were frequently used to disseminate subversive, illicit and sometimes criminal themes and content. The alt prefix in Alt Variety Magazine was subtle nod to Usenet with bold and frequently offensive content, and anti-censorship agenda.


Alt Variety was launched in February 2012, first as an online magazine and then via an iTunes app.[3][4] In March 2013, it published a print form, ceasing publication of all forms of the magazine in July of that year.[5][6]

Editorial content[edit]

Alt Variety published celebrity interviews, advocated fringe culture, the arts and First Amendment rights and covered themes such as recreational drug use and pornography.[6]

Fundraising for Coney Island parade[edit]

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated Coney Island, Alt Variety was responsible for organizing, curating, and hosting a concert benefit for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade at Bowery Ballroom, featuring headliners Amanda Palmer, Mina Caputo, and Abel Ferrara.[7][8][9] Alt Variety also enlisted Judah Friedlander to help raise public awareness about the imperiled parade after founder and editor in chief Lee Wong asked the comedian to create a service announcement to solicit donations.[1][10]


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