Altai Kai

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Altai Kai
Also known as Altai Kay
Origin Altai Republic, Russian Federation
Genres Folk
Years active 1997 (1997)–present
Members Urmat Yntaev

Altai Kai (АлтайКАЙ) is a folk band from Altai Republic of Russian Federation founded by Urmat Yntaev in 1997. The band consists of two female and four male members. Their music features throat singing, known as kai in Altaic language, and several native musical instruments, such as komuz and topshur. The subject of their music is often the nature and history of Altai, and the heroism of its people.


  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (live internet broadcast) in Washington, D.C. in 2006.
  • 68th Annual National Folk Festival in Richmond, Virginia in 2006.
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Dvořák hall (Altai Kai, Hradistan & Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) in Prague in 2007.
  • Lope de Vega theatre (WOMEX and BBC-supported concert) in Sevilla in 2007.
  • Royal Opera House (BBC live Altai Kai performance recording) in London in 2008.
  • WOMAD Festival (BBC live broadcast) in Charlton Park in 2008.


  • Where Altai Is In Rise - Musical Traditions Of Altai People (2002)
  • XXI Век (XXI Century)(2005)
  • Khan Altai (2005)
  • Made In USA (2006)
  • XXI Century (Version II)(2006)
  • Remix (2006)
  • Altyn-Taiga (Golden Taiga) (2011)
  • Altai Kabai (2014)


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