Altan Jalab

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Altan Jalab

Atin Jilaō
Altan Jalab is located in Afghanistan
Altan Jalab
Altan Jalab
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 37°04′N 70°09′E / 37.067°N 70.150°E / 37.067; 70.150Coordinates: 37°04′N 70°09′E / 37.067°N 70.150°E / 37.067; 70.150
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceBadakhshan Province

Altan Jalab is a village in Afghanistan. At the turn of the 20th century, it has been the end of the 30th stage on the Jalalabad-Faizabad-Rustak road, about halfway between Faizabad and Rustak. The area is also said to have been the location of extensive ruins of the town and fort of Kala-i-Zafar. More recently, Altan Jalab has been reported as the name of a small town about 27 miles southwest of Faizabad, with a stream in the vicinity.[1]


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