Altan Urag

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Altan Urag
Алтан Ураг
Origin Mongolia
Genres Folk rock, traditional Mongolian music
Years active 2002-present
Members B. Erdenebat
M. Chimedtogtokh
Ts. Gangaa
P. Oyunbileg
B. Bolortungalag
B. Burentogs
Kh. Erdenetsetseg

Altan Urag (Mongolian: Алтан Ураг, "Golden Lineage") is a Mongolian folk rock band. Formed in 2002, the band's musical style combines traditional Mongolian and contemporary influences.

The members of the band have all been trained in classical Mongolian music, and typically perform with the morin khuur (horse head fiddle), ikh khuur (grand horse head fiddle), bishguur (traditional horn) and yoochin (a type of hammered dulcimer), as well as incorporating khöömii (throat singing) and long song into the vocals.[1]

Their music featured in the 2006 film Khadak and in the 2007 film Mongol.[2]



  • B. Erdenebat (Erka), yoochin, piano, leader of band
  • M. Chimedtogtokh (Chimdee), pipe, vocals (throat singing)
  • Ts. Gangaa (Gangaa), great fiddle, bass
  • P. Oyunbileg (Oyunaa), moriin khuur, vocals (throat singing)
  • B. Bolortungalag (Tungaa), drums, percussion
  • B. Burentogs (Burnee) moriin khuur, vocals (throat singing)
  • Kh. Erdenetsetseg (Erka), vocals (long song)

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