Altar of Athena Polias

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Site plan of the Acropolis at Athens - this building is number 12

The Altar of Athena Polias was a former structure on the Acropolis of Athens dedicated to the goddess Athena.[1]

The altar's foundations were laid in 525 B.C. by the sons of the Athenian dictator Peisistratus, but may have overlaid an earlier temple constructed between 599 and 550.[1] The altar itself stood within a narrow temple atop a marble pediment depicting battles between gods and giants. Images of Athena are shown as dominant and victorious within the armies of the gods.[2]


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Coordinates: 37°58′19″N 23°43′36″E / 37.9719°N 23.7268°E / 37.9719; 23.7268