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Alter Eco company logo: "Alter Eco, French: commerce equitable

Alter Eco is a France-based alternative trading organization, founded in 1998 by Tristan Lecomte,[1] which specializes in the import and distribution of Fairtrade products.

The organization is part of the Fair Trade movement and offers its products in several French mass retailers such as Monoprix, Cora, Match, Système U, E.Leclerc and Carrefour. As of 2007, there are over 100 Alter Eco Fair Trade products on the market, sourced from 42 cooperatives in 37 countries. Some Alter Eco Fair Trade products include coffee, tea, rice, sugar, quinoa, chocolate, olive oil, juice and cotton balls.


In 2005, Alter Eco expanded into the United States and Australian markets. In 2006, the organization approached Brazilian retailers to sell Brazilian products in the country under Fair Trade terms, creating the first South-South Fair Trade experiment.

In the US market, Alter Eco has quickly expanded its availability to consumers, and can be found in every major area across the country.

In Europe, all Alter Eco products are FLO-CERT certified and bear the International Fairtrade Certification Mark. In the United States, products bear the "Fair Trade Certified" mark of TransFair USA.


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