Altered State (Altered State album)

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Altered State
Altered State (Altered State album).jpeg
Studio album by Altered State
Released August 27, 1991
Genre Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock
Length 45:00
Label Warner Bros. Records
Producer Tony Berg
Altered State chronology
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Singles from "Altered State"
  1. "Step Into My Groove"
    Released: 1991
  2. "Step Into My Groove CD5"
    Released: 1991
  3. "Ghost Beside My Bed"
    Released: 1992

Altered State is the debut record of the American progressive rock band Altered State, released August 27, 1991 on Warner Bros. Records. The album's first single, Step Into My Groove, received radio and MTV airplay. Two alternate versions of the song went to radio as well, the Psychedelic Mix and Psychedelic Instrumental recordings, produced by Ben Grosse. Step Into My Groove garnered some movement on South American radio and a video interview for TELEMUSICA.

The bands second single, Ghost Beside My Bed, received steady play at radio and short Acoustic Radio Tour followed as the band was moving into pre-production for the second album :[dos]:. Ghost Beside My Bed, went #1 at Rock Radio[1] in several states in the U.S. and went top 30 nationally.[2] It was the most requested song on KQLZ Pirate Radio, the station set up a special show for the band at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA.[3] Gregory Markel's performance that night is highlighted in Vicki Hamilton's book Appetite for Dysfunction: A Cautionary Tale.

The Los Angeles Times hailed the album as one the Year's Best in 1991.[4]

Bill Hard of The Hard Report dubbed the record one of the best of 1992.[5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Step Into My Groove" (Markel/Moreland/Mathewson)
  2. "Ghost Beside My Bed" (Markel)
  3. "Heal Me" (Markel)
  4. "Do What You Want" (Markel/Mathewson)
  5. "Reunion" (Markel/Mathewson)
  6. "One Small Boat" (Markel)
  7. "Outside" (Markel)
  8. "Surrender Now" (Markel/Mathewson)
  9. "Drifting" (Markel/Mathewson/Moreland)
  10. "Like Father"(Markel)
  11. "Until The Music Ends" (Markel/Mathewson)


Additional personnel[edit]


  • Tony Berg: Producer
  • Bob Clearmountain: Mixer
  • Susan Rogers: Engineer
  • Ken Jordan: Engineer
  • Jeffrey Lord-Alge: Engineer
  • Susan Rogers: Engineer
  • Assistant Engineers: George Cowen, Gina Immel, Neil Azron, Chris Steinmetz and Red Relasatte
  • Designer: John Van Hammersveld
  • Recorded at: Sunset Sound, Cherokee, Zeitgist, A&M, Acme, Studio 55 and Rumbo
  • Mixed in: Bearsville, New York


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