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Alternative Addiction is an American daily Internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interviews. Its focus is on alternative music.


The website was originally created in 1999 by editor-in-chief Chad Durkee.

The site concentrates on new music, but its journalists also review reissued albums and box sets. It had also begun garnering a following for its extensive coverage of underground music. In the past year Alternative Addiction has released unsigned bands compilations, started its first online store, a digital downloads section and has a message board and mailing list with over ten thousand subscribers.[1]

Alternative Addiction works with Columbia Records, 604 Records, Rock Ridge Music, Lava Records, and Geffen Records among others.[1][2] It currently features the latest news, interviews, record reviews, as well competitions.[3][4]

The site has published "best-of" lists as annual features detailing the best albums and tracks of each year since 2002. The site has also a rock chart which is based on readers' vote. Charts are announced on Tuesday and feature twenty tracks and ten albums.


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