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Alternative Green is a UK magazine set up by former Green Anarchist contributor and editor Richard Hunt in 1991 to promote the ideas later set out in his book 'To End Poverty, The Starvation of the Periphery by the Core' (1997).


Hunt founded the magazine after leaving the editorial collective of Green Anarchist.[1] According to the remaining editors of Green Anarchist, this happened following a conflict over what was perceived to be his nationalistic tendencies. This came to a head when Green Anarchist published an article of Hunt's that appeared to give patriotic support to Britain's role during the 1991 Gulf War. Hunt himself stated that the conflict arose when other editors wanted to move Green Anarchist's political direction further left, while Hunt wished to remain outside the left-right spectrum.[2]


Alternative Green continued to promote Hunt's own vision of green anarchism, and due to his policy of publishing articles from across the political spectrum, Alternative Green was strongly attacked by many anarchists and socialists. Green Anarchist publicly accused Hunt and Alternative Green of being fascist, and writer Stewart Home published articles mocking both Green Anarchist and early issues of Alternative Green, claiming that they promote a kind of ecofascism.[3] Alternative Green has no website (but see links to[citation needed]). It is not listed on the catalogue of the British Library or the Copac union catalogue of UK research libraries.


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