Alternative Matter

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Alternative Matter
Alternative Matter.jpg
Compilation album by Antimatter
Released 2010
Genre Gothic rock, trip hop, Dark rock
Label Prophecy Productions
Producer Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson
Antimatter chronology
Live@An Club
Alternative Matter
Fear Of A Unique Identity

Alternative Matter is a compilation album by the UK band Antimatter.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Black Sun (Dead Can Dance Tribute)
  2. The Art Of A Soft Landing (Acoustic, Enhanced)
  3. Far Away (Live)
  4. Saviour (Reel To Reel Demo)
  5. Landlocked (Mick Moss Remix)
  6. In Stone (Acoustic, Enhanced)
  7. Epitaph (New Version)
  8. Terminal (Duncan Patterson Remix)
  9. Mr White (Live)
  10. Flowers (New Version)
  11. Expire (Lackluster Remix)


  1. God Is Coming (Duncan Patterson Remix)
  2. Everything You Know Is Wrong (Acoustic, Enhanced)
  3. A Portrait Of The Young Man (Enhanced)
  4. Flowers (Acoustic)
  5. Holocaust (Reel To Reel Demo)
  6. The Art Of A Soft Landing (4 Track Demo)
  7. Expire (Atrabilis Sunrise Remix)
  8. Over Your Shoulder (Acoustic)
  9. Dream (4 Track Demo)
  10. Lost Control (Acoustic, Enhanced)
  11. Epitaph (Orchestral Mix)

DISC THREE - 'FORBIDDEN MATTER E.P.' (Limited Edition Only)

  1. Fighting For A Lost Cause (Demo)
  2. Enjoy The Silence (Live)
  3. Angelic (Mick Moss Remix)
  4. Over Your Shoulder (Reel To Reel Demo)
  5. Holocaust (FreeDoom Remix)
  6. The Summer Effect (Instrumental Demo)
  7. Angelic (Reel To Reel Demo)

DISC FOUR - DVD (Limited Edition Only)

  1. Antimatter ' The Small Yesterdays' Documentary
  2. Epitaph Promo
  3. Conspire Promo


  • Music and lyrics: Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson
  • Guest appearances: Danny Cavanagh, Colin Fromont, Rachel Brewster, Chris Phillips, Lisa Cuthbert, Jenny O'Connor, Amber-Page Moss, Mark Hughes, Ste Hughes, Łukasz Langa, Cláudia Andrade
  • Artwork: Concept by Duncan Patterson and Mick Moss, from an original image by Bill Purcell, NASA

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