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Altevatnet  (Norwegian)
Álddesjávri  (Northern Sami)
View of the lake
Altevatnet is located in Troms
Location of the lake
Altevatnet is located in Norway
Altevatnet (Norway)
Location Troms
Coordinates 68°38′33″N 19°05′09″E / 68.6424°N 19.0859°E / 68.6424; 19.0859Coordinates: 68°38′33″N 19°05′09″E / 68.6424°N 19.0859°E / 68.6424; 19.0859
Primary inflows Barduelva
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 38 kilometres (24 mi)
Max. width 2 kilometres (1.2 mi)
Surface area 79.71 km2 (30.78 sq mi)
Max. depth 99 metres (325 ft)
Surface elevation 489 metres (1,604 ft)
References NVE

Altevatnet (Norwegian) or Álddesjávri (Northern Sami) is Norway’s 11th largest lake. The 79.71-square-kilometre (30.78 sq mi) lake lies in the Bardu Municipality in Troms county, Norway. The lake is the largest lake in the county. It is approximately 38 kilometres (24 mi) long and about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) wide. The lake is regulated by a dam on the northwestern end of the lake. The surface lies 489 metres (1,604 ft) above sea level and reaches a maximum depth of 99 metres (325 ft) below the surface of the lake.[1]

The lake lies about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Sweden and it is located right between the two national parks: Øvre Dividal National Park and Rohkunborri National Park. The water discharges to the north into the Barduelva river, which empties into Målselva river, which in turn empties into the Malangen fjord.[2]


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