Altham (car)

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The Altham car in 1898.
ManufacturerAltham International Motor Car Company
AssemblyFall River, Massachusetts, United States
DesignerGeorge J. Altham
Body and chassis

Altham was an automobile manufactured from 1898 to 1899, in Fall River, Massachusetts, United States. It was designed by George J. Altham, and manufactured by Altham International Motor Car Company, which was based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.[1][2]


In 1896, a designer George J. Altham from Fall River, Massachusetts, United States, after years of work, had made a petrol engine. In August 1897, he installed it in a vehicle for testing purposes. In 1898, Altham International Motor Car Company was established, with its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. By October 1898, the working prototype was sufficiently developed, and the commercial production of the Altham car had begun. The manufacturing factory was located in Fall River, Massachusetts, United States. The production ended in 1899, with only a few vehicles being built overall.[1][2]


The Altham car had an air-cooled two-cylinder petrol engine, with 6 horsepower (4.4 kW), and 1000 revolutions per minute. The vehicle had two seats.[1]


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