Altheim culture

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Altheim culture (Altheim group) was defined in 1915 by the German Prehistorian Paul Reinecke after finds from a Causewayed enclosure 1000 m nw of Altheim (Essenbach), Landshut (district), in Lower Bavaria, Southeastern Germany. Altheim group sites range from the Inn (river) in the East to the Lech (river) in the West and from the Alb hills in the North to the foothills of the Alps in the South. Altheim Group dates to between 3800 and 3400 BCcal i.e. the Younger Neolithic of Southern Central Europe, formerly called by some Chalkolithic. Contemporaneous phenemona are, to the West Pfyn culture in sw Germany and Switzerland, to the Northwest and North Michelsberg culture, to the East Baalberge group in Bohemia and to the Southeast Mondsee group.