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Native name
Amphios SPRL
Private company
Traded asAltiGator
FounderGeorgios Argyrakis
Area served
ProductsUAV Photography Platforms, Gimbals

AltiGator is a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer founded in 2008 and headquartered in Waterloo, Walloon Brabant, Belgium. It produces complete ready-to-fly radio-controlled miniature UAVs for various professional applications. It also holds a web-shop providing spare parts, self-assembly kits and accessories for drones.[1]


AltiGator UAVs are registered under the OnyxStar trademark which is a brand for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) and camera mounts dedicated to this sector.[2] They are embedding Pixhawk or MikroKopter's flight electronics[3] and can lift a broad range of sensors.

Civil Aviation Authorities[edit]

AltiGator builds French DGAC-certified Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) used by many UAV operators in France as listed on the Directorate General for Civil Aviation website.[4] Therefore, the company is also listed as a certified drone manufacturer on the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy website because this Ministry is also in charge of Transportation and Aviation purposes.

In late April 2016, because of the brand new drone regulation in Belgium, AltiGator also became the first Belgian UAV manufacturer ever approved by the DGLV (Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities).[5] Indeed, AltiGator drones are listed on the official list of class 1a certified drones.[6]


- July 2014: AltiGator and YellowScan unveiled a complete solution for LiDAR scanning featuring the OnyxStar FOX-C8 HD together with YellowScan Mapper.[7]

- October 2016: AltiGator and YellowScan unveiled a complete solution for Urban LiDAR surveying featuring the OnyxStar XENA together with YellowScan Surveyor.[8]

Former UAV Models[edit]

Specifications Units ALG-750 ALG-1000 FOX-C8
Diagonal wheelbase mm 610 720 920
Height mm 250 390 370
Electronics - MikroKopter MikroKopter MikroKopter
Motors number 4 6 8
Maximum Effective Payload (sensor + gimbal) kg 0.75 2 2.5
MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) kg 1.6 4.5 8
Endurance min 20
Particularity - Reactive Lightweight Compact
Most common use - Search & Rescue Thermal imaging Photogrammetry

Current UAV models[edit]

Specifications Units ALG-EOS XENA FOX-C8 HD FOX-C8 XT HYDRA-12
Diagonal wheelbase mm 500 720 940 1200 980
Height mm 250 400 500 550 560
Electronics - MikroKopter and Pixhawk MikroKopter and Pixhawk MikroKopter and Pixhawk MikroKopter and Pixhawk MikroKopter
Motors number 4 8 8 8 12
Maximum Recommended Payload (sensor + gimbal) kg 2 3 5 12
MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) kg 1.5 5.6 12 14 23
Endurance min 45 37 37 44 30
Particularity - Made for training Foldable Multivalent Best flight time Best lifting capacity
Most common use - Learning Industrial inspection LIDAR Surveillance Spectrography


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