Altinho, Goa

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Altinho (Portuguese: High) is a hill neighbourhood of Panaji, the state capital of India's smallest state Goa.[1] [2]

In the past it has been considered an elite residential colony, with the State's chief minister's residence and the Archbishop's palace located here. Although Altinho is a residential area, it is a home to Panaji's All India Radio station (whose precursor was the famed Emissora de Goa radio station of Portuguese times). It is also home to a sprawling set of quarters for government servants, and homes allotted to ruling party politicians. Some educational institutes sit on the high perch of this hillock overlooking the Panjim plane and the serene Goan vista. Red earth lines of pathways netted in the green sprawl of the lush vegetation with the tall palm fronds brushing the azure sky. [3] Coordinates: 8°29′24″S 36°03′32″W / 8.49000°S 36.05889°W / -8.49000; -36.05889


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