Altino Arantes Marques

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Altino Arantes
Altino Arantes.jpg
Personal details
Born 29 September 1876
Batatais, Brazil
Died 5 July 1965
São Paulo, Brazil

Altino Arantes Marques (1876 in Batatais – 1965 in São Paulo) was a President of São Paulo. He graduated from the Law School of São Paulo in 1895. He was a member of the Paulista Republican Party. Before he became the President of the state of São Paulo, he was a federal deputy for two terms: (1906-1908) and (1909-1911). He was also Secretary of State of the Interior from 1911 to 1915.


During his administration, the second artificial valorization (price setting) of coffee was promoted (the first was in 1906, by the Tabuaté Convention). With the frost of 1918, this product, doubled in price in the Santos' Port, giving the Altino Arantes government lots of revenue. With the reduction in production, it was possible to put the price premium into the world market, allowing the government to take control of the Sorocaban Railroad from a North-American group.

After the Presidency[edit]

Between 1921 and 1930 Altino Arantes was a federal deputy again. In 1947 he was a constituent deputy and, again, a federal deputy. He was a member of the Republican Party, and ran for Vice President of Brazil as Cristiano Machado's running-mate in the Brazilian presidential election, 1950, coming third with 24.4% of the vote. He was the first President of the Banespa, became a member and President of the Paulist Academy of Words and member of the Historic and Geographic Institution of São Paulo. He died in São Paulo in 1965.


Arantes outside São Paulo is largely unknown, although his administration was the more successful of the Brazilian Old Republic.


Official gallery of the Governors of São Paulo

Government offices
Preceded by
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