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Altiris Inc.
Symantec Subsidiary
Industry enterprise management software, IT asset management
lifecycle management, service-oriented software management, systems configuration management
Fate acquired by Symantec
Founded 1998
Headquarters Lindon, Utah, United States
Key people
Gregory S. Butterfield Chairman and CEO,
Stephen C. Erickson CFO
Products Helpdesk Solutions, Carbon Copy Solutions, Barcode solution, Inventory Solution Wise Package Studio
Revenue No longer disclosed
No longer disclosed
No longer disclosed
Number of employees
No longer disclosed

Altiris Inc. is a subsidiary of Symantec specializing in service-oriented management software which allows organizations to manage IT assets. They also provide software for web services, security, and systems management products. Established in 1998, Altiris is headquartered in Lindon, Utah, United States. Altiris has over 20,000 customers managing more than 3 million servers and 60 million desktops and laptops.

Corporate history[edit]

Altiris was started in 1998 when Jan Newman and Kevin Turpin spun off the software arm of KeyLabs. KeyLabs was, and remains, a third party testing facility. The Altiris Software had been created at KeyLabs to manage the computers at KeyLabs and that software became the start of what is now Altiris. Altiris continues to develop software designed to help IT departments manage their networks and computers more efficiently.

Altiris continued to grow. In early 2000, Jan Newman who was then President and CEO brought in Greg Butterfield to take over the role of President and CEO. Under Mr. Butterfield's leadership, Altiris acquired Computing Edge in September 2000. Computing Edge's founder, Dwain Kinghorn, had come from Microsoft and helped to develop Microsoft's original Systems Management Server product (SMS). Computing Edge specialized in extending and enhancing with functionality that SMS lacked.

Altiris continued its market expansion by acquiring several other companies:


  • July 2002, Altiris acquired system backup and recovery technology from Previo (see Stac Electronics).
  • December 2003 Altiris acquired application deployment specialist Wise Solutions, Inc.
  • February 2004 Altiris acquired FSLogic. See Software Virtualization Solution
  • September 2004 Altiris acquired Bridgewater Technologies.
  • January 2005 Altiris acquired Tonic Software Inc.
  • March 2005 Altiris acquired Pedestal Software, a software company that specializes in vulnerability assessment tools (SecurityExpressions and AuditExpress).
  • February 2007 Altiris to be acquired by Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) [1]
  • April 2007 Altiris acquisition by Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) completed.
  • August 2009 Greg Butterfield, Dwain Kinghorn and other key former Altiris leaders and developers launched a new company that extends the Altiris Platform (now Symantec Management Platform) with Desktop Security Solutions. The company is Arellia and they provide Application Control and Local User and User Group password security.[2]

Main software products[edit]

The platform was one of the top 5 of the strategic developments from Symantec up to 2012.

The platform includes an API and an SDK. Symantec is extending the platform to support other Symantec or partner products connections. The latest version of the platform is 7.1, on Windows 2008 R2, using the Microsoft .NET architecture. Version 7.5 was delayed into 2013.

In December 2011 the original team which developed the Symantec Management Platform (previously known as the Altiris Notification Server), based in Sydney, Australia was sacked in a cost cutting exercise. All future development on the Symantec Management Platform development was moved to low cost centres in Pune, India and Tallinn, Estonia. The 7.2 release of SMP will be delivered by these new teams.[4]

Versions history[edit]

Because of two different product architecture, the Deployment Solution (DS) is provided in both version 6 and 7. As long as the 7th version is not largely accepted from customers, Symantec was deciding not to end the life of the 6th version.

  • Versions Notification Platform (NS), renamed Symantec Management Platform (SMP) from 7th version, including DS 7:
    • 5.5: Release 2002-01-10, EOSL 2006-02-31 (End Of Support Life)
    • 6.0: 1st 6.0 released 2004-01-31, latest 6.0 sp3 EOSL 2014.03.07 (So patch solution should still updated until 2014), EOL 2011-03-07 (End Of Life)
    • 7.0: 1st 7.0 released 2008-09-18, latest 7.0 sp5mr4 released 2011-04-29, EOSL 2015.09.18
    • 7.1: 2011-03-07, 7.1.2 released 2011-12-14, (EOSL 2016-03-09).
      • latest update: 7.1 SP2 MP1.1 from 2012-09 [5]
    • 7.5: 2013-10-07, (EOSL 2020-10-07)
      • 7.5 SP1 : 2014-02-06
  • Deployment Solution (DS) 6 stand alone:[6]
    • 5.6: Release 2003-04-18, EOL 2003-11-27 (End of Life when release 6.0)
    • 6.0: Release 2003-11-27
    • 6.1: Release 2004-03-31
    • 6.5: Release 2005-09-01
    • 6.8: Release 2006-09-14, EOL 2008-03-06
    • 6.9: Release 2008-03-10, no EOL, no EOSL.
      • latest update 6.9 SP5 release 2011-03-07, MR3 out 2013-01-11[7]

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