Alto Acre Futebol Club

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Alto Acre
Full name Alto Acre Futebol Club
Founded March 31, 2009 (8 years ago) (2009-03-31)
Stadium Estádio Antônio Araújo Lopes, Epitaciolândia, Acre state, Brazil
Ground Capacity 3,500

Alto Acre Futebol Club, commonly known as Alto Acre, is a Brazilian football team based in Epitaciolândia, Acre state.


The club was founded on March 31, 2009.[1] They competed in the Campeonato Acriano in 2010, when they were finished in the fifth position.


Alto Acre Futebol Club play their home games at Estádio Antônio Araújo Lopes.[1] The stadium has a maximum capacity of 3,500 people.[1]


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