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Alto Adige in the Heart (Italian: L'Alto Adige nel Cuore, AAC) is a minor conservative[1] political party active in South Tyrol, Italy. The party is led by Alessandro Urzì and seeks to represent the Italian-speaking minority in the province, whose official Italian name is indeed Alto Adige.

AAC was formed in January 2013 as a locally based party upon the fragmentation of The People of Freedom (PdL), Italy's main centre-right party, in the Province.[2] Its leader Alessandro Urzì, a long-time conservative politician who had been a member of the Italian Social Movement, National Alliance, the PdL and finally Future and Freedom, was the most voted candidate among Italian-speakers in the 2008 provincial election.[2][3][4] In June Urzì broadened the base of his party by welcoming Maurizio Vezzali, another dissenting PdL provincial councillor who had been previously active with Forza Italia.[5][6]

In the 2013 provincial election AAC obtained 2.1% of the vote and Urzì was re-elected to the Provincial Council, while all his former opponents in the PdL lost (the only elect of the Forza Alto AdigeLega Nord Alto Adige/Südtirol list was Elena Artioli, member of the League and multi-lingual).[7]


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