Alto Purús National Park

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Alto Purús National Park
Parque Nacional Alto Purús
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Alto Purús National Park
Map showing the location of Alto Purús National Park
Location Ucayali and Madre de Dios Regions, Peru
Coordinates 10°49′S 71°38′W / 10.82°S 71.64°W / -10.82; -71.64Coordinates: 10°49′S 71°38′W / 10.82°S 71.64°W / -10.82; -71.64[1]
Area 2,510,694 hectares (9,693.84 sq mi)
Established November 18, 2004 (by 040-2004-AG)
Governing body SERNANP
Alto Purús National Park

Alto Purús National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Alto Purús) is a national park in the Amazon rainforest area of Peru, created on November 18, 2004. It contains some of the most rugged, treacherous, remote and unexplored territory in the Amazon.[2] It is also home to a number of indigenous tribes, including some that have avoided contact with the outside world.[3] Situated on the Purús River, it is the largest protected area in Peru, covering 2,510,694 hectares (9,693.84 sq mi).[4]

The park is located in the Provinces of Purús (Region of Ucayali) and the Province of Tahuamanú and Tambopata (Region of Madre de Dios).[5]

There have been reports of illegal logging of mahogany in the park.[6]


The most complete reference about the region is a gorgeous 380 pages book: Alto Purús: Biodiversidad, Conservación y Manejo. Center for Tropical Conservation and INRENA. Perú. Download it for free at:

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Map of Alto Purús National Park