Alton McClain and Destiny

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Alton McClain and Destiny
Also known as Krystol
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Disco, R&B
Instruments vocals
Years active 1978–1981 (Alton McClain and Destiny)
1984–1989 (Krystol)
Labels Polydor, Epic
Associated acts Leon Sylvers III, Shalamar, Skip Scarborough, Leon Ware, Randy Jackson
Past members Alton McClain and Destiny:
Alton McClain
D'Marie Warren
Robyrda Stiger
D'Marie Warren
Robryda Stiger
Tina Scott
Karon Floyd
Robbie Faith Danzie

Alton McClain and Destiny was an American disco girl group from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1978, the trio was composed of McClain, Delores Marie "D'Marie" Warren, and Robyrda Stiger. They signed to Polydor Records in the year of their formation and Frank Wilson produced their debut set. It was released as a self-titled album early in 1979 but then was repackaged under the title It Must Be Love several months later. The title track was released as a single and charted, but the second album did not sell well. The group was dropped less than a year after its release and they split in 1981.

McClain later married producer Skip Scarborough and continued working in the music industry. Alton McClain continued recording as a gospel singer, releasing albums God's Woman in 1995 and Renaissance in 2005. Robyrda Stiger and D'Marie Warren signed with Epic Records as a part of the girl group Krystol . The group also included singer-songwriters Tina Scott and Karon Floyd- who would later be replaced by Robbie Danzie, due to Floyd going on maternity leave by the release of their second album Talk of the Town.[1]

Krystol's first two albums were produced by former SOLAR Records in-house producer Leon Sylvers III. Founding member D'Marie Warren died in a car crash in 1985 at age 32, before Talk of the Town was released.[2][3]

In 2012, the first two albums by Krystol- Gettin' Ready[4] and Talk of the Town[5] were reissued in 2012 by Sony Music Entertainment reissue label Funkytown Grooves. The third album, Passion from a Woman was reissued in June 2013.[6]


As Alton McClain and Destiny

  • Alton McClain & Destiny (Polydor, 1979)
  • It Must Be Love (Polydor, 1979) (re-release of debut) U.S. #88, U.S. Black Albums #27
  • More of You (Polydor, 1980)
  • Gonna Tell the World (Polydor, 1981)

As Krystol

  • Gettin' Ready (Epic, 1984)
  • Talk of the Town (Epic, 1985)
  • Passion from a Woman (Epic, 1986)
  • I Suggest U Don't Let Go (Epic, 1989)


As Alton McClain and Destiny

  • "Crazy Love" (#69 Black Singles)
  • "It Must Be Love" (#10 Black Singles, #25 Club Play, #32 Pop Singles)

As Krystol

  • "After The Dance Is Through" (#40 Black Singles, #4 Club Play UK)
  • "Nobody's Gonna Get This Lovin' But You" (#87 Black Singles, #2 Club Play US)
  • "Same Place,Same Time" (#15 Black Singles, #9 U.S. R&B Charts)Pop Singles)
  • "Information" (#30 Black Singles, #25 Club Play US and Europe)
  • "You Ask Too Much"(#45 Black Singles,#50 U.S.R&B Charts)
  • "Talk of the Town"(#12 Pop Singles,#25 Black Dance Singles)
  • "Love is Like an Itching in My Heart" (#86 Black Singles, #26 Dance Play) (R&B Singles)
  • "The Things That Men Do" (#90 Black Singles, #17 Club Play) (R&B Singles)
  • "Precious,Precious" (#1 Black Singles, #5 U.S. Soul Charts)
  • "Passion From A Woman" (#9 Black Singles, #4 U.S. Soul Charts)

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