Altrathen Castle

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Altrathen Castle
Burg Altrathen
Altrathen Castle
Altrathen Castle is located in Germany
Altrathen Castle
Altrathen Castle
Coordinates 50°57′31.8″N 14°4′50.3″E / 50.958833°N 14.080639°E / 50.958833; 14.080639Coordinates: 50°57′31.8″N 14°4′50.3″E / 50.958833°N 14.080639°E / 50.958833; 14.080639
Type hilltop castle, rock castle
Code DE-SN
Site information
Condition insignificant elements survive
Site history
Built ca. 1100

Altrathen Castle (German: Burg Altrathen) is located on a rock outcrop near Rathen in Saxon Switzerland in the German Free State of Saxony.


Burg Altrathen.JPG

Unlike the neighbouring Neurathen Castle very little is known about the history of this fortification. It was probably built at the same time in the 11th century. The castle was first mentioned in the records in 1289. In 1469 Altrathen and Neurathen castles were slighted.

In 1888 the industrialist, Eduard Seifert, bought the ruins of the castle and rebuilt it in 1893 in a Neogothic style. Of the medieval castle only the cellars and parts of the spiral staircase of the keep have survived.

Aftern 1945 the building acted as a works holiday home for the VEB Brau und Malz in Dresden and later for the East German state bank. In 1995 the site was sold by the Treuhandanstalt to a private owner. Since then the building has been used as a small hotel and restaurant.


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