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Altsoft XML2PDF Workstation
Xml2pdf screenshot.gif
Altsoft Xml2PDF Workstation running under Microsoft Windows 7
Developer(s) Altsoft bvba
Stable release
2.1.1 / May 22, 2013
Operating system Windows only
Type PDF viewer and creator
License Freeware

Altsoft XML2PDF family includes the following products:

Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine[edit]

Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine is a demoware Microsoft .NET based family of server and desktop products for publishing various XML documents such as XSL-FO, SVG, XHTML and pure HTML, Microsoft Word (DOCX and older WordML and Doc ) to print ready output formats including PDF (with PDF/A and PDF/X support), XPS, SVG and raster graphics (TIFF, GIF, JPEG,PNG, WMF). Merging of several documents, compression, encryption and digital signatures in generated PDF and XPS, resulting document interactivity, advanced color management, font embedding and subsetting, Arabian, Chinese and Japanese fonts support and many other additional features are provided. Additionally XML2PDF Formatting Engine provides new intermediate AltDOC vector format which allows to:

  • Edit and merge formatted documents, add new custom elements to them;
  • Temporary store the formatted documents ready for saving in any of supported output formats;
  • Create PDF, XPS or TIFF from scratch using all power of XML2PDF formatting engine.

Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine provides complete compatibility with the .NET framework (versions 2.0 and 3.5) and can be easily embedded into any .NET-based solution and used inside custom workflows.

XML2PDF Formatting Engine usual license is server based, i.e. a separate license per server is required. Company Wide, OEM (redistributable) licenses are as well available. All licenses have 4 editions: Light, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Altsoft XML2PDF Workstation[edit]

Altsoft XML2PDF Workstation is a free software for converting xml-based files to portable document format (PDF). The product is intended for the professional publishing business community. It runs on Windows PCs. The base software features include creation of PDF files from xml-based documents (XSL-FO, SVG, XHTML or HTML), Microsoft Word (WordML 2003, DOCX or Word 2007 Xml); viewing, editing and printing PDFs; PDF creation; merging several files into one PDF; PDF encryption; digital signature. XML2PDF Workstation supports the current Adobe Acrobat open PDF specification. It uses Adobe Acrobat as an associated software to open output files. Altsoft XML2PDF Workstation is available for free download without trial (since May 9, 2013) from the Altsoft website.

Support policies[edit]

Altsoft provides customers with user’s guide email support according to the purchase license.


  • March 2000 – Altsoft N.V. was based as a small software outsourcing group, specializing in C/C++ libraries for computer graphics
  • November 2003 – own software product appeared, XML2PDF formatting engine was released
  • November 2004 – XML2PDF 2.1 is released
  • May 2005 – XML2PDF 2.3 is released with WordML support
  • 2006 - 2007 – XML2PDF is renewed several times with enhanced support of different input and output formats
  • March 2009 – XML2PDF 2009 is released – the first version with Doc input and SVG output, digital signatures in PDF and XPS support
  • February 2012 – Microsoft Office 2010 support was added to XML2PDF
  • May 2013 – XML2PDF Formatting Engine has been released replacing XML2PDF Server 2009. XML2PDF Workstation has become free to download with no trial period.

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