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Altus Times
TypeTwo-days a week
Owner(s)Graystone Media Group
PublisherRick Carpenter
Managing editorsRick Carpenter
Staff writersKatrina Goforth, Ryan Lewis
HeadquartersAltus, Oklahoma

The Altus Times is a two-day a week newspaper based in Altus, Oklahoma and owned by Graystone Media Group.[1] It is published Wednesday and Saturday.[1]


The original Altus Times was founded as a weekly newspaper by J. Ed Van Meter in December, 1901.[2] It was consolidated with two other newspapers into the Weekly Altus Times-Democrat around 1916. It began daily publication in 1928. The newspaper was renamed the Altus Times on August 1, 1984.[2]

The paper was previously owned by Heartland Publications. In 2012 Versa Capital Management merged Heartland, Ohio Community Media, former Freedom papers it had acquired, and Impressions Media into a new company, Civitas Media.[3] Civitas Media sold its Oklahoma papers to Greystone Media Group in 2017.[4]


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