Alu (Ethiopia)

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Alu is located in Ethiopia
Location in Ethiopia
Highest point
Elevation 429 m (1,407 ft) [1]
Listing List of volcanoes in Ethiopia
Coordinates 13°49′30″N 40°33′00″E / 13.825°N 40.55°E / 13.825; 40.55Coordinates: 13°49′30″N 40°33′00″E / 13.825°N 40.55°E / 13.825; 40.55[1]
Location Ethiopia
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Fissure vents
Last eruption Unknown[1]

Alu is a system of volcanic fissures, located in Ethiopia. The fissures have produced silicic lava flows, and other fissures south of the volcano have been the source of huge youthful basaltic lava flows, which enlarge to the north as far as Lake Bakili. There is major fumarolic activity, located on parallel faults, some with 100-m uplifts.[1]

Alu, Erta Ale, Tat Ali and other Ethiopian Highlands are together known as the Danakil Alps.[2]


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