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The Aluminij Gallery is an art gallery located in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is sponsored and run by one of the largest companies in the area, the Aluminij.[citation needed]

The gallery most commonly hosts exhibitions of sculpture and painting, and graphic art. Artists who have exhibited in the galley include an academician Miroslav Šutej, an academic graphic artist and sculptor Stipe Sikirica, the painters Zlatko Prica, Vasko Lipovac, Matko Trebotić, Dubravka Babić, Munir Vejzović, Vasilije Josip Jordan, Vatroslav Kuliš, Ivan Kožarić, Želimir Ivanovic, Josip Diminić, Josip Botteri Dini, and Nikola Reiser.[1] A certain number of art works was purchased by the Aluminij Gallery after each exhibition and its fundus also includes a permanent art collection.

The Aluminij Gallery cooperates with the Franciscan Gallery in Široki Brijeg and the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Mostar.[2]