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Alva is a unisex given name. It is used in Sweden and Norway as a feminine form of the name Alf, meaning "elf." [1] It is also a spelling variant of the Biblical masculine name Alvah, meaning "his highness."[2] Alva is a currently popular name in Sweden, where it was ranked among the ten most popular names given to newborn girls in 2012.[3] Notable people with the name include:


  • Alva Adams (governor) (1850–1922), Governor of Colorado
  • Alva B. Adams (1875–1941), U.S. Senator from Colorado, son of the governor
  • Alva Baptiste, Saint Lucian politician
  • Alva Ted Bonda (1917–2005), president and part-owner of the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team
  • Alva Bradley (1884–1953), American businessman and baseball executive
  • Alva Duer (1904–1987), American college basketball coach
  • Alva R. Fitch (1907–1989), United States Army lieutenant general
  • Alva Clark Forney (1871–1956), Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota (1925–1927)
  • Alva Garey (1883–1917), American politician
  • Alva L. Hager (1850–1923), three-term U.S. Representative from Iowa
  • Alva Johnston (1888–1950), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author and biographer
  • Alva Kelley (1918–1999), American collegiate football player and coach
  • Alva Liles (1956–1998), American football player
  • Alva M. Lumpkin (1886–1941), U.S. Senator from South Carolina for less than a month
  • Alva Hugh Maddox (born 1930), a justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama from 1969 to 2001
  • Alva Noë (born 1964), American philosopher and cognitive scientist
  • Alva Allie Paine (1919–2008), American basketball player
  • Alva Ross (died 2004), Jamaican politician


  • Alva Belmont (1853–1933), American socialite and suffragette
  • Alva Colquhoun (born 1942), Australian swimmer
  • Alva C. Ellisor (1892–1964), American geologist, one of the first female stratigraphers in North America
  • Alva Forsius (1866–1935), Finnish midwife, social worker and a founding member of the Finnish Salvation Army
  • Alva Myrdal (1902–1986), Swedish Nobel Peace Prize winner


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