Alvah Meyer

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Alvah Meyer
Alvah Meyer 1912.jpg
Alvah Meyer in 1912
Personal information
Born July 18, 1888
New York City, United States
Died December 19, 1939 (aged 51)
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight 65 kg (143 lb)
Sport Sprint running
Club I-AAC, Queens

Alvah T. Meyer (July 18, 1888 – December 19, 1939) was an American sprint runner. He was a Jewish[1] member of the Irish American Athletic Club, which also included Abel Kiviat and Myer Prinstein.

Meyer underperformed at the 1912 Olympic Trials and was only included to the US Olympic team on the condition that he pays his travel, which was eventually covered by his parents. He won the silver medal in the 100 meters, but was eliminated in the semi-finals of the 200 m event.[2]

In 1914 he set a world record at 60 yards, and in 1915 he set a world record at 330 yards.[1]

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