Alvar Alonso Rosell

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Alvar Alonso Rosell (born September 13, 1992) is a Spanish chess International Grandmaster. He was champion of Spain in 2011, surpassing the player Miguel Illescas. Alonso Rosell also won other national championships; he was the 2004 champion of Spain in the U-12, the 2006 champion in U-14, the 2008 and 2009 youth champion of Catalonia, in 2009 champion of Spain in the U-18, and the 2011 runner up in Catalonia behind Marc Narciso. In 2014 he defeated Narciso to become the 2014 Catalonia chess champion.[1]

On December 23, 2018 he won the 5th Sunway Sitges Chess Festival by scoring 8/10, half a point more than strong grandmasters such as Vassily Ivanchuk and Dmitry Andreikin.


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