Alvarado I

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Alvarado I
Alvarado I is located in Spain
Alvarado I
Location of Alvarado I in Spain
Country Spain
Location Alvarado, Extremadura
Coordinates 38°49′37″N 06°49′34″W / 38.82694°N 6.82611°W / 38.82694; -6.82611Coordinates: 38°49′37″N 06°49′34″W / 38.82694°N 6.82611°W / 38.82694; -6.82611
Status Operational
Commission date July 2009
Owner(s) Acciona Energy
Solar farm
Type CSP
Thermal power station
Secondary fuel natural gas (backup)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 50 MWe
Storage capacity 7.5 hours
Annual generation 105,200 MWh

Alvarado I is a large solar thermal power station in Alvarado, in Extremadura, Spain. Construction on the plant commenced in December 2007 and was completed in July 2009, when commercial operations began. With an installed capacity of 50 MWe,[1] it is one of the largest solar thermal power stations in the world.[2][3]

The facility is built on a 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi) site with a solar resource of 2,174 KWh/m3/year, producing an estimated 105,200 MWh of electricity per year (an average power of 12 MW). The plant uses parabolic trough technology, and is made up of 768 solar thermal collectors, with an output temperature of 393 °C (739 °F), transferred with Biphenyl and Diphenyl oxide heat transfer agents.[1]

A second 50 MWe facility, Alvarado II, is currently on the proposal stage. It is planned to be constructed in the same area as Alvarado I.[2]

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