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Alvaro Longoria (born 1968 in Santander, Cantabria, Spain) is a film director, executive producer, and actor.[1] He produces edgy and thought-provoking indie films for several distributors including Cinema Libre and Morena Films. He is perhaps best known for producing the film Che starring Benicio Del Toro and directed by Steven Soderbergh as well as Looking for Fidel directed by Oliver Stone. He is currently working on a documentary about the decolonization of the Sahara region of western Africa with Javier Bardem entitled Hijos de las Nubes.[2]


2012 The Cold (producer) (pre-production) Sons of the Clouds: The Last Colony (documentary) (producer, director) 7 días en La Habana (producer)

2011 The Monk (executive producer)

2010 Room in Rome (executive producer, producer)

2009 Últimos testigos (documentary) (producer)

2008 Che: Part Two (executive producer) Che: Part One (executive producer) I Come with the Rain (executive producer) (actor)

2007 La zona (producer)

2006 El carnaval de Sodoma (co-producer)

2005 Iberia (producer)

2003-2004 America Undercover (TV series documentary) (executive producer - 2 episodes, 2003–2004) (producer - 1 episode, 2004) Looking for Fidel (2004) (executive producer, producer) Persona Non Grata (executive producer) Caballé, más allá de la música (documentary) (producer)

2002 Comandante (documentary) (executive producer) Cuatro puntos cardinales (executive producer)

2001 Portman, a la sombra de Roberto (documentary) (executive producer) Fish People (producer)

2000 Queen of Swords (TV series) (co-executive producer) One of the Hollywood Ten (executive producer)