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Alveolus (/ælˈvələs/; pl. alveoli, adj. alveolar) is a general anatomical term for a concave cavity or pit.

Alveolus may refer to:

In anatomy and zoology in general

In Botany, Microbiology, and related disciplines alveoli may be:

  • Surface cavities or pits, such as on the stem of Myrmecodia species
  • Pits on honeycombed surfaces such as receptacles of many angiosperms
  • Pits on the fruiting bodies of fungi such as Boletus or the ascocarps of fungi such as typical Ascomycetes
  • Pits on the valves of the tests of many diatoms
  • Membrane supporting vesicles of the alveolates

In medicine

In linguistics

See also[edit]

  • Acinus, considered by some (but not all) sources to be synonymous with Alveolus