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Alvi or Shah is a clan in the region of India and Pakistan.

Shah Faqir(Shah Madar Syed Alvi)
Total population
286,000 [1]
Regions with significant populations
 India Pakistan   Nepal
Allah-green.svg Islam 100% •
Related ethnic groups
Jogi FaqirJogiQalandarAbdalSaiShaikh

The Faqir (/fəˈkɪər/; Hindi: फ़क़ीर, Urdu: فقیر‎) are a Muslim ethnic group in India. They are also known as Shah Alvi ,Sain (Pir,Diwan Saheb,Miya Shah) in North India, Shah or Alvi is now their preferred self-designation and in West Bengal they are called as Shahjiya.Since the people of this community are the descendants of Sufi or saints belonging to Syeds of Arab,their lineage is traced to Hazrat Ali.So they are called as Syed,Shah,Mir,Alvi and by other different surnames.They are also venerated as pir or peer saheb. Some Muslims also visit the holy shrines (majar or dargah ) of peer fakir). They are respected as Muslim Brahmins. Some live in the Terai region of Nepal.[2][3]


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