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Alviero Martini (born 1950) is an Italian fashion designer[1] who was born in Cuneo and is known for the 1A Classe range of clothing and accessories, including watches, that is characterised by a "map" motif.
He is currently designing ALV (Andare Lontano Viaggiando) collections of handbags, apparel and accessories with a "passport stamps" motif.


Born in Cuneo (Piemonte) where he concludes his artistic studies, Alviero starts very soon to travel exporting his Handwork: windows set up. Many other interest are blooming through his creativity. He explores different “worlds” in terms of geography as well as in environment: at the age of 20 with a group of enthusiastic friends the set up a “theater company”, non yet professional, follow by the big step on the Show Business as an actor (as well as costume designer). He worked for many years with the most famous Italian actor Vittorio Gassman, on theater as well as movie and advertising.
His back ground as designer, illustrator, fashion consultant in these years are coming out very deeply, and after few years on the interior decoration, Alviero has been inspired by an antique map, found in a book store in Moscow, where he was working on 86/97. He brought this map back to Rome (where he was living at that time,) he began thinking on how to transform a geo map in a real handbags collections. 2 years of research, than the presentation to the USA press, that decreed an incredible and immediate success. He found the company of Prima Classe on ’90, than after 15 years, on 2005 he left the company.
Alviero Martini create now a new brand, ALV- Andare Lontano Viaggiando . ALV is not the acronysm of his name, but in Italian language also means: Andare=GOING, Lontano=FAR AWAY, Viaggiando=TRAVELLING.
So, the concept of travelling it emerges every time that Alviero expresses his creativity. The word ALV (surrounded by a circle with 5 weave lines) became a postmark (some times knitted on jacquard or printed in laminated canvas) and the logo for new proposals for international and sophisticated travelers.
ALV is a women ready to wear collection as well as accessories, high profile, completely fashion oriented, that Alviero present to international costumers after 3 years of long research. The new show room is Located in the heart of Milano, the business center of most fashionable city in the world, in Piazza San Babila, 5.
New travel experience are in front of Alviero Martini, always devoted to work on fashion, with prestigious fabrics, as well as sophisticated leathers for new astonishing shape.[2]


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