Always August

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Always August
Origin Richmond, Virginia, United States
Genres Psychedelic rock, punk rock
Years active 1986-1988
Labels SST Records
Past members John Kiefer
Jeff Douglas
Lee West
Tim Harding

Always August was an American psychedelic rock band from Richmond, Virginia signed with Greg Ginn's original label, SST Records. They released three albums on SST. Their first record, Black Pyramid, was released in 1986.

The band was made up of John Kiefer (guitar, vocals, kalimba, percussion), Jeff Douglas (drums, xylophone, vocals, percussion), Lee West (guitar, vocals, panpipes, percussion), and Tim Harding (bass, vocals, shakuhachi, flute, percussion).


  • Black Pyramid (1986)
  • Largeness With (W)holes (1987)
  • Geography (1988)