Always Leave Them Laughing

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Always Leave Them Laughing
Always Leave Them Laughing FilmPoster.jpeg
original theatrical poster
Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Produced by Jerry Wald
Screenplay by Melville Shavelson
Jack Rose
"Fountain Pen Sketch" from Make Mine Manhattan:
Arnold Horwit
Sylvia Rosales
Story by Max Shulman
Richard Mealand
Starring Milton Berle
Virginia Mayo
Edited by Clarence Kolster
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date
November 26, 1949
Running time
116 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Always Leave Them Laughing is a 1949 musical comedy-drama film directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Milton Berle and Virginia Mayo.[1]


A nobody, comic Kip Cooper does his act on stage in Asbury Park, New Jersey to more snores than roars. He asks out one of the performing Washburn sisters for a date, and finds that Fay's parents once did a vaudeville act that Kip still knows by heart.

Kip convinces Fay to do the old act themselves. But when he's offered a solo engagement, Kip grabs it, only to flop and be cheated out of his pay. He takes a small part in a show, lying to the Washburns that he was hired to be the lead, and does an impromptu gag that gets him fired.

Fay needs a job, so she joins the chorus of old-time comedian Eddie Eagen's touring show. Kip takes a bit too much interest in Eddie's beautiful and much younger wife, Nancy, who co-stars in the revue.

Kip ends up going on for Eddie during an illness, and then becomes his replacement. Eddie attempts a comeback when the show gets to New York, but collapses on stage. Kip's career takes off after that, but what he wants most is for Fay to take him back.



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