Alwiya al-Furqan

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Criterion Brigades
Alwiya al-Furqan
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Alwiya al-Furqan Logo.png
Logo of Alwiya al-Furqan
Leaders Muhammad Majid al-Khatib[1]
Area of operations Quneitra Governorate (formerly)
Damascus Governorate (formerly)
Daraa Governorate (formerly)[1]
Idlib Governorate[2]
Aleppo Governorate
Size ~2,000[1]
Part of Tajammu Ansar al-Islam (formerly)[1]
Fatah Halab (formerly)[3]
Allies Free Syrian Army
Southern Front
Tahrir al-Sham
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
Battles and wars

Syrian Civil War

Alwiya al-Furqan (Arabic: ألوية الفرقان‎, Criterion Brigades) was an independent Islamist rebel group involved in the Syrian Civil War. It claimed to be the largest Islamist rebel faction that operated in the eastern Quneitra Governorate.[1]

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