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Alyawarre are an Indigenous Australian people, or language group, from the Northern Territory.

In 1980 the Alyawarre made a land claim with the Wakaya people, which was handed back to them on 22 October 1992. The size of the land was 2065 km². [1]

The Utopia community, 250 km north east of Alice Springs, and set up in 1927, is partly on Alyawarre land, partly on land of the Anmatyerre. [2]

Alyawarre of note[edit]

Alternative spellings[edit]

Iliaura, Illiaura, Iljaura, Ilyaura, Ilyowra Illyowra, Illura, Aliawara, Alyawara, Alyawarra, Ilawara, Jaljuwara, Yalyuwara, Alyawarr, Aljawarra.

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