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Efforts to achieve independence from Seleucid rule (129 to 312 BC. M..) Was an opportunity for people to own land again as a sovereign state that we have been on this historical period Rvbhrvyym great resurrection. Alymayyan emerged that his predecessors were undoubtedly many instances follows Nyakanyshan occurred in the territory they once again, the power must be separated from the land Nyakanyshan. Alymayyan common language between the two languages, one of which is a mountainous region, and the other belongs to the plains. "Henning believes that the population of New Alymayy mountain dialect spoke Aramaic dialect of the Plain" (Fry, 1380: 439). General rule Alymayyan the year 187 BC. CE. Ntykhvs beginning to end with the defeat of the Third Party persisted. According to studies during the years 145-147 BC Numismatics. CE. Openly in the Khuzestan region Rvbhrvyym Alymayyan independence.

Elymais in 51 BC.png


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